Conclusions about the internationalising of the law curriculum

There are nine conclusions, which in summary are:

  • Internationalisation is having a significant impact on legal practice in Australia.
  • Law schools recognise that legal education must change to reflect this new reality.
  • Developments in regard to the internationalisation of the law curriculum are not static and there are further developments.
  • A multi-faceted approach is required for the process of internationalising the law curriculum.
  • There is a range of knowledge, skills and attributes which are essential for law graduates working in a global multi-jurisdictional environment, and for law graduates generally.
  • The internationalised law curriculum needs to focus on the knowledge, skills and attributes identified as essential for global practice.
  • Law schools recognise that their role is to prepare law graduates for both domestic and international legal practice.
  • There are some hurdles to achieving an internationalised law curriculum.
  • It is important these hurdles be overcome.