Overcoming Hurdles

It is important these hurdles be overcome

  • Although a country of only 23 million people, Australia plays a leading and influential role internationally through its export of legal services, Australian lawyers, and the rule of law; and because of the recognised quality of its legal education.
  • Australia attracts students from all over the world into both its undergraduate and postgraduate legal education. Most importantly in recent times, through their PhD programs, Australian law schools are a leader in the development of advanced legal thought.
  • Increased numbers of overseas students will have a direct and positive ‘socialising’ impact on Australian students, improving the cultural awareness of Australian students enabling them to better engage internationally into the future; and have a positive impact on the rule of law and good governance in the home jurisdictions of overseas students in the longer term.
  • The quality of Australian legal education underpins the growing export of Australian legal services: it is essential that it continues to be of high quality.
  • The portability and quality of legal education is a national competitive advantage. There is significant scope to build on these strengths if they form part of a national strategy.
  • An internationalised law curriculum should be a core component of that strategy.