Council of Australian Law Deans (CALD) is the peak body of Australian Law Schools.

CALD is an unincorporated association which has amongst its objectives:

  • Consultation on matters of mutual concern to members or their institutions and where appropriate the adoption of common policies;
  • The furtherance of legal education in Australia;
  • The encouragement of legal research;
  • The promotion of cooperation between law schools;
  • The maintenance of close relations between law schools and the legal profession;

The Deans of all the law schools in Australia are members of the Council and they meet together three times a year at different locations.


CALD Statement on the Postal Vote – Marriage Equality

The Council of Australian Law Deans (CALD) is the peak body representing law schools across Australia. Our member schools provide the academic legal qualifications necessary for graduates to be admitted to legal practice.

The CALD standards for Australian Law Schools provide us with a clear mandate to advocate for the Rule of Law, and the promotion of the highest standards of ethical conduct, professional responsibility and community service.

CALD is committed to ensuring all Australians have the right to equality before and under the law, but is also mindful that no person should be discriminated against or vilified because of their differing views.

CALD acknowledges that there is a diversity of opinion on the topic of same-sex marriage, and respects the divergent and deeply held views of individual members on same-sex marriage.

CALD urges a free, open and respectful debate on the issue of same-sex marriage and encourages all eligible members of the public to vote in the postal survey as their conscience dictates, bearing in mind the principles of fully representative governance, the Rule of Law and fundamental human rights.