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Practising law in Australia


Admission to practice

To practise as a lawyer involves admission to practice by the Supreme Court of an Australian State or Territory, and then the obtaining of a practising certificate, usually issued by the local legal professional body.

To be admitted as a legal practitioner in Australia a person must satisfy requirements in regard to –

  • legal knowledge
  • practical training
  • good fame and character.

A law degree from any of the law schools listed in Studying Law in Australia will cover all of the 11 areas of legal knowledge and thereby satisfy the knowledge requirements.

For further information, contact the law admitting authority in the State or Territory of interest to you. Details are obtainable at the Law Admissions Consultative Committee website.


Obtaining a practising certificate

Practising certificates are issued by the relevant body (usually a legal professional body) in each Australian State or Territory, and may involve a period of restricted practice (ie. a period of work as an employed solicitor) or further requirements, depending on the State or Territory.

For further information, contact one of the legal professional bodies listed at the Law Council of Australia's website.


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