Prerequisites for studying law in Australia

Entry to undergraduate law programs

Generally the basic requirement is that you have completed your secondary education. You will generally need to have the equivalent from your country of the Australian Year 12 qualification. Each institution will tell you what they need from you to prove that you have that qualification.

Sometimes you will not need to have completed secondary education if you have had significant work experience. This will depend on each university’s rules and you will need to enquire of the relevant law school if you are in this situation.

You will almost always need, as well, to show that you have English language proficiency to an acceptable level.

Every law school’s website has a section which will give you this information. You will find there who to contact at the law school or schools in which you are interested. Check with them what their requirements will be for you.

Entry to postgraduate law programs

Generally, you need to have a law degree to be eligible to undertake a postgraduate law program, though some universities run bridging courses for non-lawyers.

Each law schools website will tell you what it requires for you to be eligible for admission to their postgraduate degrees.

English language proficiency is also usually a requirement.

Each law school’s website will tell you who to contact so that you can check what their requirements will be for you.